Albin Groen's digital garden

A light digital garden in complementary to my personal website.

This is my blog. Go to my website.

How to set up Ant Design with Next.js

How to set up Ant Design with Next.js and get custom theming working

I built a health tracker website

How and why I built a health tracker application.

Product Ideas

A list of, in my opinion, interesting products to build and problems to solve.

My Ultimate Hacking Keyboard Review

A biased review of the Ultimate Hacking Keyboard split mechanical keyboard.

My Indie Software Projects

A look at my indie software projects, their state, and what they're all about.

2021 Work From Home Desk Setup

A guide through my 2021 Work From Home desk setup and personal workspace.

MacOS Big Sur Loading Component

A look into, and an implementation, of the the MacOS Big Sur loading icon