How to set up Ant Design with Next.js

How to set up Ant Design with Next.js and get custom theming working

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Albin Groen

Posted 2021-04-20

In this article we'll be covering how to make Ant Design with custom theming work flawlessly together with Next.js. Start by setting up your Next.js project.

yarn create next-app my-next-app


Now let's quickly also set up Typescript. This is done by simply renaming your index file from index.js to index.tsx, and adding a couple of dependencies.

mv pages/index.js pages/index.tsx

yarn add -D typescript @types/react @types/node

Ant Design

Now, let's install the necessary packages to get Ant Design with custom theming working.

yarn add antd next-plugin-antd-less@^0.3.0 babel-plugin-import

After installing these dependencies, we need to add some content to a next.config.js file. If it doesn't already exist, go ahead and create it, at the root of the project. Add the following content.

// next.config.js

const withAntdLess = require("next-plugin-antd-less");

module.exports = withAntdLess({
  lessVarsFilePath: "./styles/antd.less",
  webpack(config) {
    return config;

Now, as you see in the code snippet above, we're pointing to a less file that should contain all the custom Ant Design variables. This file currently does not exist, so we need to add it. Go ahead and create a new antd.less file in the styles directory. Also, go ahead and add a couple of variables, so we have something to test with.

# styles/antd.less

@primary-color: #477593;
@border-radius-base: 5px;
@body-background: #f7f7f7;

The last thing we need to do is to set up a custom babel configuration. This is fairly easy and just requires you to add a couple of lines to a .babelrc.js file, which you can also create if it doesn't already exist.

// .babelrc.js

module.exports = {
  presets: [["next/babel"]],
  plugins: [["import", { libraryName: "antd", style: true }]],

Now you should be all good to go. Start the dev server by running

yarn dev

And then add a couple of components in the index file to make sure everything works.

import { Button } from "antd";

export default function Home() {
  return <Button type="primary">Custom button</Button>;

If the button now shows up in a green color instead of a blue one, the implementation is successful. If something did not work, try upgrading or downgrading to different versions of next-plugin-antd-less or babel-plugin-import. Thanks for reading!

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